Cherry Xu

I was born in China and grew up in Australia after my family made the move when I was 4. I had always loved art and painting as a kid and wanted to make a career out of it!

I am also an avid video editor, manga artist, music lover, public speaker, and advocate for those who have been through domestic violence.

After moving to Seattle, Washington in 2017, I began freelancing portraits for all the dog lovers(even though I'm a big cat person!) in the city. My portraits expanded to different states across the US, allowing me a chance to connect with a lot of new and wonderful people who are passionate about their pets! 

In March 2020, I decided to make the move to England to be with my now fiancée. Having experienced living in four countries has allowed me to expand my perspectives as well as learn about the different cultures around me. I hope to expand and share my art with a lot more people across the world!